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Legal Intake Services

Streamline operations and enhance client relationships


Legal Intake Services

Tort Intake Professionals is dedicated to helping law firms streamline their operations and enhance client relationships.

Our Legal Intake Services are a pivotal component of our offerings, designed to simplify gathering essential case information while ensuring a seamless experience for law firms and their clients.

Comprehensive Case Information Collection

Efficiently managing client intake is crucial for any law firm.

Our Legal Intake Services are designed to capture and organize crucial case details, such as client contact information, case specifics, and incident details.

Centralizing this information empowers law firms to make informed decisions and provide better legal assistance.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each law firm has unique needs and case types.

That's why our Legal Intake Services are highly customizable.

We work closely with your firm to develop tailored intake processes and questionnaires that align with your practice areas and requirements.

This ensures you receive the necessary information to evaluate and take on cases effectively.

Streamlined Client Onboarding

Tort Intake Professionals go beyond data collection.

We assist in scheduling consultations, facilitating initial client meetings, and providing preliminary legal guidance.

This approach saves time for your firm and creates a positive experience for prospective clients, increasing the likelihood of retaining them.

Improved Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

By outsourcing your legal intake processes to us, your law firm can significantly boost operational efficiency.

This allows your in-house team to focus on legal work rather than administrative tasks, resulting in improved client satisfaction and the ability to take on more cases.

We Ensure Every Lead & Call is Handled Promptly To Maximize Client Acquistion

Professional Intake Services Specializing in Mass Tort, Sexual Abuse, Single Incident & Class Action Cases

Law Firms

Experienced legal intake specialists who respond to your firm’s inbound and outbound leads without the potential wasted time or lost clients.

Legal Marketing Agencies

Optimal lead capture and maximum conversion rates help your agency retain more potential clients that are transformed into new cases quickly and error-free.

Mass Tort, Sexual Abuse, Class Action & Single Incidents

Your firm can rely on our attention to strict tort and class action details, with legal intake specialists and processes set for maximum conversion of initial contact to new cases.

Let's Work Together


Tort Intake Professionals
Just Do It Better

We act as an extension of your law firm or law marketing agency—whatever the specialty—through pristine customer service, a difference resulting in maximum client satisfaction and low- to no-leads lost. 

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Revolutionize Your Customer Interaction

At Tort Intake Professionals, we are more than just a service provider; we are your trusted partner in legal intake and post acquisition client services.
With a deep understanding of the unique challenges law firms and marketing companies face, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering comprehensive solutions that simplify operations, enhance client service, and drive success in the legal industry.