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Post Retainer Services

Simplify case management and enhance client communication with our Post Retainer Services


Post Retainer Services

At Tort Intake Professionals, our commitment to supporting law firms extends beyond client intake.We understand that the journey after securing a retainer is just as crucial.

That's why we offer comprehensive Post Retainer/Acquisition Services designed to assist law firms in efficiently managing and maintaining their client relationships, ensuring a smooth and successful legal representation process.

Client Services Professionals

Our Client Services Professionals can work and be contracted directly on behalf of your firm, dedicated to ensuring the customer journey continues immediately after retention occurs. Direct access, 100% complete direction on your behalf, ensures that you have complete secure control of all client interactions.

Victim Support Specialist

Our Victim Support Specialist Team (VSS) are carefully trained and/or certified in crisis management, licensed as social worker, and have the experience to interact with victims and their families that have encountered abuse.

Effective communication is the key to client satisfaction and successful legal representation. Our services include communication support to help law firms maintain consistent and clear client interactions.
From appointment scheduling to progress updates, we ensure clients are informed and engaged throughout their legal journey.

Documentation Assistance

Our teams can be hired to work hand-in hand with your law firm to assist with document completion for various clients you are servicing. Whether Mass Torts, Class Actions, Sexual Abuse, or Single Incident cases, you can rely on Tort Intake Professionals to provide diligent, prompt, compliant and accurate services to your law firm.

Ongoing Client Support

We provide ongoing client support to address client inquiries and concerns promptly.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining positive client relationships by offering responsive assistance, answering questions, and providing necessary information to your clients and connecting them with your law firm to ensure ongoing communication.

We Ensure Every Lead & Call is Handled Promptly To Maximize Client Acquistion

Professional Intake Services Specializing in Mass Tort, Sexual Abuse, Single Incident & Class Action Cases

Law Firms

Experienced legal intake specialists who respond to your firm’s inbound and outbound leads without the potential wasted time or lost clients.

Legal Marketing Agencies

Optimal lead capture and maximum conversion rates help your agency retain more potential clients that are transformed into new cases quickly and error-free.

Mass Tort, Sexual Abuse, Class Action & Single Incidents

Your firm can rely on our attention to strict tort and class action details, with legal intake specialists and processes set for maximum conversion of initial contact to new cases.

Let's Work Together


Tort Intake Professionals
Just Do It Better

We act as an extension of your law firm or law marketing agency—whatever the specialty—through pristine customer service, a difference resulting in maximum client satisfaction and low- to no-leads lost. 

For more information about what Tort Intake Professionals can do for you, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.
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Revolutionize Your Customer Interaction

At Tort Intake Professionals, we are more than just a service provider; we are your trusted partner in legal intake and post acquisition client services.
With a deep understanding of the unique challenges law firms and marketing companies face, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering comprehensive solutions that simplify operations, enhance client service, and drive success in the legal industry.